Gianni CrowNative American Healer and Ceremonial Priest

Gianni Crow is a Native American Healer, an Ajq’ij. He is a ceremonial priest who helps to bring spiritual balance by working with the spirits and elements of earth. A native healer helps others walk their path in this life through divination and ceremonial healing. He is the fourth generation in his family to walk the red road.

He was initiated into these traditions and teachings from the very beginning of his life. His mother, while pregnant with him, traveled to sacred shrines throughout the highlands of Quauhtlemallan. At these shrines prayers and ceremonies were made specific to his life path. He was initiated and taught by many different elders in Quauhtlemallan and throughout the United States, and became a healer.

“Everything is an expression.”
— Gianni Crow

Here in North America, he has furthered his spiritual growth with elders, through traditional means such as vision quests, sweat lodge ceremonies, energy work through the use of stones, spiritual cleansings using plants and crystals, divination, card reading, dream interpretation, lectures, and public speaking. His abilities have further opened to the spirits of the earth by developing a knowledge of reading nature’s signs, symbols, and omens as well as interpreting dreams.